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Weight Management: long term solution - not a quick fix

Managing weight can take time. But remember if you feel you have put on unwanted weight, you CAN lose it. Just as weight can creep on over time without you noticing it, you should think about losing it in the same way - over a period of time. Trying to lose weight fast is a recipe for regaining it just as quickly! So be patient, take the steps gradually and you will get longer lasting results - in fact you will gain good habits that will last a lifetime - a healthy one.

Step One:

Write down your goals around weight loss and the reasons for it

Step Two:

Do some of your own research through books, the internet, chatting with friends. And remember if it seems too good to be true - it usually is. Anything promising a quick fix regarding weight loss is best avoided. Look for advice on wholefoods, slow cooking, getting fit.

Step Three

Start on your own initiative with 4 simple actions : a) put more vegetables in your shopping trolley b) leave the sugary processed foods on the supermarket shelves c) make and eat soups, salads and veg smoothies daily/weekly d) cut back on alcohol - at 7 calories per gram a reduction in consumption can help greatly at weight loss.

Step Four

.........visit my site again for more. In the meantime start with the three steps above and enjoy the benefits :-)

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