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Blackberry Picking Season in Full Swing

They are wild, local, seasonal and free! No food miles. Organic. Sustainable. Delicious! Our hedgerows are abundant with them at the moment - its a great time to go Blackberry picking. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon with family and friends picking berries and then discussing your bumper harvest over afternoon tea. From August through September and into October there is enough time to have several foraging days.

Blackberries freeze very well so pick plenty and you can have a supply of them throughout the winter (assuming you have space in your freezer).

This autumnal berry ranks as one of the top 10 on the ORAC scale of anti-oxidant rich foods. They are high in polyphenols, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, manganese and fibre and contain a heap of other nutrients too. Health benefits include improved skin, cardiovascular system, brain function, fight against infection and boosting immunity.

Enjoy picking and eating these wonderful berries. Add them to your breakfast bowl, to salads, to apple and berry crumbles, blackberry muffins! Or just eat straight from the blackberry bush.

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