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Drowning in Plastic

Absolutely incredible is how I would describe the recently aired, well researched and executed BBC One documentary 'Drowning in Plastic'. Liz Bonnin, Marine Biologist, does a brilliant job of explaining the devastating effect of plastics on our planet. Its well worth watching this 90 minute shocking account of how plastic has invaded every 'corner' of planet earth.

The reason I am blogging on this today is that I feel that to truly care about our own personal health we need to feel a strong connection to our planet and we can all make a difference. This starts at home in so many ways. From the food choices we make, where we purchase our groceries, how we manage food waste, food packaging, recycling. And yes it does take extra time - but its worth it for the sake of the planet which we need to respect for the sake of our children and our children's children and all future generations. And once we engage in caring for our environment, we will find ourselves making healthier choices for our bodies too.

Lets stop buying single use plastic.....

Another example of how to care for our bodies and planet is by choosing organic eggs at the supermarket or better still your local farmers market. By choosing organic eggs, we are choosing a manufacturing process that has a higher standard of care for the animal that produces the egg - not only do the hens have access to the outdoors, but they are fed organic feed which contains no genetically modified ingredients and they are farmed in densities significantly less than conventional or free range eggs. For example organic hens are housed in densities of 4,800 per unit whereas free-range hens can be 10,000 per unit.

The organic farmer is subject to a strict production regime which covers the entire farm system with the aim of protecting not just the farm but the environment. There is a stringent adherence to managing animal welfare through strictly controlled raring conditions, the use of high quality certified organic feed-stuffs, strict guidelines on antibiotic usage - all of which results in end products which are more nutritious and were rared under conditions which nurture sustainability of the land.

And your organic eggs come in a compostable egg box not plastic!

Your choice of eggs can make a difference.

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